Looking Around Lansing Michigan Is Magical

Lansing, Michigan is the capital of the great lakes state and one of the largest cities in the state. If you are visiting the state on business, chances are you may be swinging through Lansing, which is almost directly in the middle of the lower peninsula. While visiting Lansing there are many things to see and do to keep you busy and interested, and you might even learn something.

During the summer time, check out the Lansing Lugnuts.The full explanation can be found at http://blog.firstbook.org/2011/08/09/greetings-from-beautiful-lansing-450000-new-books-going-to-kids-around-the-country-this-week/ This is the single A baseball team in Lansing. The stadium is one of the newest minor league parks in the country, and is one of the largest not for a AAA team.

The RE Olds museum is an excellent location to take in some information on the car industry, which is an extremely vital part of Michigan’s history. Oldsmobile is one of the nations oldest vehicles, and although the company is now defunct (GM closed this branch several years ago), there is still a very interesting history to the vehicle.

With Lansing serving as the capital of the state, all the state government takes place in the city. The capital building and a variety of government builds surround the main downtown strip, giving you some interesting insites into the state. There is also a large number of clubs, restaurants and bars in this area, so there is something for you to do and always something new to eat.

The river trail is nice to take in, no matter what time of year it is. The river trail is a well kept trail that runs along the main river through the middle of the city. Along the river trail there is the city market, several parks and it leads you directly to Old Town, which is a small artistic community in Lansing.