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A Spot In The Sand At Sleepy Bear Dunes

What can be said about an area that is as close to heaven as anyone will ever get on Earth? Blue skies, diamonds dancing on water, and bright stars at night are just a smidgen of the glory that makes up Sleepy Bear. Seeing Northwest Michigan isn’t complete without just a few days in the Sleepy Bear Dune area.

There is something for everyone here. The big draw, of course, is Lake Michigan and the Sleepy Bear Dune. So head for the beach and take time to climb up the sand to the top. Bring along Read the rest of this entry »

The Ten Best Places To Eat In Detroit

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, there is always something to discover in Detroit, a premier Midwestern dining destination. Check out some of these can’t-miss places to eat next time you’re in town.

- Pegasus: an affordable fine Greek dining experience in booming Greektown. Try the spanakopita!
- Lafayette Coney Island: the undisputed king of Michigan’s unofficial state food, the coney dog. Open 24 hours a day in downtown Detroit.
- Oxchimilco: a fast, affordable outpost in Mexicantown that serves “Detroit-style” Mexican food (think Tex-Mex).
- Taqueria Lupita: stripped-down joint that serves delicious tacos. No excuses!
- Detroit-style deep dish pizza: okay, this one isn’t a place, but everyone who visits Detroit should try its deep dish, which is subtly different than Chicago-style.
- Beans and Cornbread: classy soul food just a short drive away in Southfield.
- Breakfast Club: the best in early-morning and brunch, conveniently located in the inner suburbs.
- Polish Village Cafe: Polish food done right in historic Hamtramck, minutes from downtown.
- Andiamo’s: fine Italian dining to impress your corporate clients, located in the Renaissance Center.
- Rattlesnake Club: another upscale Detroit establishment where automaker executives rub shoulders with powerful politicians.