Mustang Lovers Check Out Ford Museum

Do you, like many others, love your Ford Mustang? Your Ford Mustang has a very interesting story behind it’s model and design. This is a story that you can both hear and see at the Henry Ford Museum. At the Henry Ford Museum you can see the progression that the Mustang took from its beginning to where it is now.

Located in beautiful Dearborn, MI, The Henry Ford Museum is the nation’s largest history museum that is both indoor and outdoor. The museum also in includes a village with fine dinging experiences and fun events for the whole family.

Come to The Henry Ford Museum to see the Ford Mustang 1, which is the first Ford Mustang that was ever produced. The Mustang was made on April 14, 1964 and is the original a 1965 model. This car is very much a must see for any true Ford Mustang fan.

If you are planning your next family vacation and would like to go somewhere both entertaining and educational, why not come to The Henry Ford Museum. Between the Museum and village you will never have a hard time finding something exciting to do and it will be a great experience.

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